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Parts for GEP140

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

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View095-1053-00IEC 320 ASSYea$45.30
195-1002-00 SPRE-TRAP ASY (115V). (115V)ea$578.00
195-6010-00GP CLOSURE PALTEea$87.90
195-6011-00OP PRETRAP MACH/TEFLON GEP14ea$285.00
195-6012-00OP PRETRAP MACH/TEFLON GEP14ea$285.00
ViewE70-0003-03CIRCUIT BREAKER 3.5 AMP.. (115V)ea$58.00
ViewE70-0003-04BRKR CKT 1.8A. (220V/230V)ea$57.60
ViewM60-0006-01THERMAL CUTOFF G4AP02000ea$66.90
ViewM60-0044-28H/F ELBOW 3/8HIX1/4NPT WHT POea$21.70
ViewM80-0029-03HOSE BARB TO MALE PIPEea$30.00
M90-0113-04638543 BLUE HOUSING COVER TEFea$322.00
ViewM90-0113-05638572 HEAD COVER FOR MZ2ea$413.00
ViewM90-0113-11VALVE SEAL FOR DIAPHRAGMea$134.00
ViewM90-0113-12TOLERANCE RING (#639848)ea$28.10
ViewM90-0113-13THREADED ADAPTORea$85.30
ViewM90-0113-15CONNECTION ROD KITea$392.38
M90-0113-22START CAPACITOR FOR GP100 PUM. (specify 115V or 230V)ea$147.00
ViewM90-0121-01JAR HDPE 32 OZ.. (order with M90-0134-00 label)ea$69.40
T01469SPARE PART KIT # 696853set$258.00



This site contains the most frequently requested Thermo Scientific Laboratory Equipment replacement parts, including those for a number of discontinued products. If you don't find the part you need, please call us at 1.866.984.3766.
If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.

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