Thermo Scientific Revco Brand Ultra-low Temperature Freezers

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Revco Plus HD Series User Manual
Revco Plus HD Series User Manual


Parts for ULT3280-10HD-W40

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View170191Start Capacitor; 208/230Vea$43.20
View191931H01Display circuit board; Ultima Plus ea$373.00
View191933H01BUS circuit board ea$276.00
View191936H01Micro board; Ultima Plus and Elite with Comm. Opts. ea$519.00
View204009Condenser coil ea$194.00
View214018Expansion Tank ea$125.00
View220626Expansion Tank Solenoid Valve & Coil ea$219.00
View290038PROBE 1K OHM PLAT 17'LEAD ea$316.00
View290177Heat-X sensor ea$111.00
View290178Condenser sensor ea$120.00
View300319Potential Start Relay; 208/230V unit ea$125.00
View304349H03GASKET,DOOR OUTER 2 LOBE 32'SI. (Measures 44.375 x 60.375 to outside edges)ea$226.00
View314033H01BUS Door Switch LN2/CO2 ea$146.00
View314044H01Control sensor ea$125.00
View314130H01Ambient sensor ea$100.00
View314131H01Compressor sensor; Lifeguard feature ea$100.00
View314133G01BUS LN2 Valve Assembly ea$1,045.70
View314138G01BUS CO2 Valve Assembly ea$1,162.00
View314237H01PAINT, TOUCH-UP BOTTLE, LED GRAY ea$52.00
View314237H02PAINT, TOUCH-UP BOTTLE, LED BLUE ea$49.90
View314338G02ACCUMULATOR SER KITea$308.00
View314351H01R290 1oz. Service Label ea$10.00
View33443G09Oil Separator Kitea$446.00
View370563Terminal Strip For Remote Alarm & 4-20ma Connections ea$10.60
View400159BATTERY, MAIN SYSTEMea$127.00
View400165G01Power Supply board, adjusted 14VDC; all Plus Series ea$777.00
View42372H01Accumulator LS ea$13.30
View86403H03CONDENSER FAN,TUBEAXIAL, 115V Low Heatea$322.00
View993000Accumulator 1st Stage Flow Thru Copper; Replace with same style ea$52.30



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.