Thermo Scientific SORVALL Brand Centrifuges

RC-4 - 120V 60Hz

Parts for RC-4 - 120V 60Hz

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View20023748Hinge bracket Primo/Stratosea$24.20
View20038955ANTIVIBRATION MOUNTea$58.70
View20057362FOIL MULT 4 RC4. up to S/N 40203184ea$331.14
View20057365DOOR SEAL RC4ea$159.00
View20057553Tool holder Werkzeughalterea$12.68
View20057921OVERLAY MULT 4ea$5.21
View20057942MOTOR DAMPENING RING RC4ea$138.00
View20057968OVERLAY RC4ea$75.76
View20130221Relay, Stratosea$127.00
View20130303RELAY COMPRESSOR RC-4 120Vea$241.11
View20140612Temp Sensor RC4ea$189.00
View20150200PCB MAIN RC4ea$1,767.00
View20150201PCB SPD/IMB RC4ea$305.00
View20150203PCB POWER FAC CORR RC4ea$1,269.00
View20150221DISPLAY PCB, RC4 w/KEY. from S/N 40203185ea$539.00
View20160546Resistor 12-160-546ea$8.60
20170327Transformer, 115/225v,Stratosea$980.00
View20170329FERROX Cube Ringea$11.69
View20180661Socket,Line cord,208V, Stratosea$18.00
View20180705CIRCUIT BREAKER RC4 120Vea$108.00
View20190274LINE CORD 120V/20Aea$141.00
View20210377Bracket used with 20210376ea$16.30
View20210400MOTOR RC4ea$1,118.00
View20210405FAN BLADE RC4ea$13.40
View20210407FAN MOTOR RC4ea$104.00
View20220472Plastic ring, Biofuge Frescoea$3.00
View20220625Terminal - 4 Poleea$31.30
View20240465Compressor SC15G R134A 110Vea$1,525.00
View20240618FILTER DRYER RC4ea$103.13
View20240626INJECTION VALVE RC4ea$120.00
View20240634HIGH PRESSURE SWITCHea$134.40
View20280119LEVEL BUBBLE RC4ea$42.00
View20280150CASTOR MOVABLE RC4ea$119.00
View20310307STICKER ATTENTION L=20MMea$1.15
View20310316Clip, Stratosea$7.26
View20310446GAS LID STAY RC4ea$171.20
View20360001WRENCH SPANNER 8MM RC4ea$13.00
View20360008WRENCH SPANNER 24MM RC4ea$28.00
View20360073Tool, rotor removal, Stratosea$39.60
View20490287Hinge pinea$5.90
20510368SCREW M5 X 8 . For Latches & Panels on LYNXea$5.00
View20540366CAPACITOR START RC-4 120Vea$304.24
View20904430COLLET DRIVEea$515.00
View20907075FOOT, RC4ea$189.00
70000530PROCESSOR RC4ea$82.40
View70054668SCREW ADJ FOOT RC4ea$49.20
70060349PANEL REAR C4 - 120Vea$122.00
View70060350PANEL LEFT RC4ea$121.00
View70060351PANEL RIGHT RC4ea$116.00
View70060374CASTOR FIXED RC4ea$164.00
View70060375HOLDER/RC-4 /CRYOFUGE 5500iea$84.00
70904558FRONT GRILL RC4ea$737.03
View70904717Door Latch Assemblyea$2,073.00
70904771DOOR ASSEMBLY, RC-4. Start with S/N: 41414415 & upea$2,700.00
70907101RC-4 EVAPORATORea$3,350.00
70907103FRONT PANEL RC4. up to S/N 40203184ea$975.00
View70907205CABLE DISP BD RC4ea$109.99
View70907211NV RAM PROFILE CRYO 5500ea$82.40
View70907212NV RAM IMB CRYO 5500ea$82.40
View70907230NV RAM CRYO 5500I 120Vea$14.10
View70907234MOTOR COVER ASSY RC4ea$279.76
70907237PANEL, DISPLAY, RC4 w/KEY. from S/N 40203185ea$520.29
View70907240PM Kitea$424.48



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.