Thermo Scientific SORVALL Brand Centrifuges

Super T 21 - 230V 60Hz

Parts for Super T 21 - 230V 60Hz

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View12960ST-21 HIGH SIDE TUBING KITea$680.32
View12968Kit, Tubing, Condenser to Expansion Valve (includes high-side Shrader valve, filter dryer, and sight glass)ea$1,035.31
View12972ST-21 EVAPORATOR KITea$4,051.21
View12998KIT,EVAP,SUCTION LINE ST-21ea$767.28
View20094FOAM, ADHESIVE, CRESENTea$43.07
View59628SCREW,MACH SOC HD FLATea$9.37
View61768SEAL,TEFLON FBR 7/8 ID Xea$8.40
63914Thermal Compoundea$127.88
View66952SEAL,TEFLON 5/8 X 3/4 Xea$5.90
View69472Tape, Insulation, 1/8-in thick x 2-in wide x 30 in longrl$122.00
View69828Relay, Solid Stateea$126.86
View76128GEAR MOTORea$1,000.00
76131Transformer, Autoea$678.27
View76151LATCH SENSOR & BRACKET(5835A)ea$484.00
View76156Harness, Driveea$312.03
View76158Harness, Compressorea$92.69
View76208Holder, Sensor, Imbalanceea$189.26
View76225SPINDLE ASSY, FINISHea$563.30
View76240Fan Assembly, Condenserea$1,223.55
View76246Sensor, Airea$757.05
View76247Sensor, Floorea$644.51
View76253Seal, Door, Rubberea$190.28
View76315Kit, Refrigeration Tubing (for instruments SN 9901751 and higher)ea$1,470.10
View76319Filter dryer & sight glass (for instruments SN 9901751 and higher)ea$800.01
View76340Cable Assembly, Drive Electronics to Controller Boardea$48.90
View76342KIT,IMBALANCE ST-21ea$201.00
View76360Printed Circuit Board, Displayea$1,050.66
View76373LCD Display Assemblyea$326.35
View76374Front Console Panel Assemblyea$1,861.70
View76102Motor Mounting Plateea$1,437.36
View61134Screw, No. 8-32 x 1/2, Socket Headea$5.21
View91014Bearing, Nyliner, Hinge Blockea$12.99
View91069Capacitor, Start, 161-193 mf, 250 Vacea$122.76
View91071Relay, Potentialea$256.78
View91079ANCHOR, DOOR, LEFT,ea$26.10
View91080ANCHOR, DOOR, RIGHT,ea$26.10
View91086Circuit Beaker, Drive Motor, 12 Aea$110.49
View91089Circuit Beaker, Mains, 2-Pole, for Single-phaseea$278.00
View91503Screw, Cap, Socket Head, M5 x 45, SSTea$5.21
91519Insulation, 3/8-in I.D. x 1/2-in thick x 72-in longft$31.25
View91598COPPER FLARE GASKET ST-21ea$5.21
View91627BATTERY, LITHIUM, 3 VOLT,ea$140.70
View92817Start capacitor (for instruments SN 9901751 and higher)ea$92.69
View92818Run capacitor (for instruments SN 9901751 and higher)ea$136.06



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.