Thermo Scientific SORVALL Brand Centrifuges

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Exploded Parts List
Exploded Parts List

RC Bios - 400V 50Hz - 3 Phase

Parts for RC Bios - 400V 50Hz - 3 Phase

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View20051304WINDOW RC3BP+ea$200.00
View20052555ANTIVIBRATION MOUNT,RC3BP+ea$37.10
View20056595HOOK RC3BP+ea$99.00
View20058653Key foil (front buttons) ea$466.00
View20059365Clamping nut (for adapter) ea$78.00
View20110278HOUR COUNTERea$245.00
View20140632Temperature probe PT100 ea$576.00
View20150271PCB DISPLAYea$1,013.00
View20150291PCB speed + imbal detect.ea$490.00
View20150298PCB Line filter ea$425.00
View20170358LINE FILTER 250 V 36Aea$342.00
View20180447Imbalance detector, Cryofugeea$134.00
View20180601Silver Key Switchea$189.35
View20180759Power switch ea$84.00
View20230221Circuit Breaker, 6Aea$320.00
View20230229Breaker 25A-K ea$379.00
View20240398Heat Exchanger, Super/Cryoea$867.00
View20240485INJECTION VALVE (TEV) RC3BP+ea$422.00
View20240487Filter Dryer Assemblyea$294.00
View20240578High pressure control, Stratosea$172.20
View20310244GAS LID STAYea$180.00
View20480301Sand Washerea$10.60
View20540318RC Combinationea$84.75
View20900516Key foilea$1,400.00
View20907075FOOT, RC4ea$189.00
50124398WIRING, TACHO RC12BP+ea$91.00
50124914WIRING,FRONT BUTTONS RC12BP+ea$110.00
50125043WIRING, LEFT LATCH RC3BP+ea$172.00
View70049061BEARING SUPPORTea$148.00
View70054536HINGE RC3BP+ea$347.00
View70054606BASE PLATE OF AV MOUNTSea$145.56
View70054664SECURITY DEVICEea$37.80
View70054668SCREW ADJ FOOT RC4ea$49.20
View70056239LID RC3BP+ea$3,416.00
View70056677HANDLE PART RC3BP+ea$177.00
View70061637Drive adapter (cone) for F8-6x1000y ea$360.00
View70904717Door Latch Assemblyea$2,073.00
View70907241PM Kitea$1,052.00
View70907291WIRING, RIGHT LATCH RC3BP+ea$161.00
View70907321Software kitea$280.00
70907375MAIN PCB WITH COOLING SHEETea$3,240.00



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.