Thermo Scientific SORVALL Brand Centrifuges

RT-6000B - 220V 50Hz - After SN 9101800

Parts for RT-6000B - 220V 50Hz - After SN 9101800

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View07518-AVBracket Assembly, Solenoidea$38.00
View07543Linkage, Latchea$38.71
View07555Potentiameter Assembly, Temperatureea$640.00
View07567Shaft Assembly, Latchea$217.40
View07582Tubing, Sight Glass to Filterea$94.38
View07585Suction Line Tubing Assembly, Refrigerationea$425.32
View07586Disk, Optical, Pickupea$13.01
View07595Tubing Assembly, Access Valve to Condenserea$433.59
View07638BOOT,GYRO .5x8x8 = 1ea$130.00
View07650Gauge, Tension Adjustea$34.38
View07685Seal, Latchea$22.50
View07687Transformer Assembly, Brakeea$580.16
View07921Gyro Pulleyea$72.78
View07922Motor Pulleyea$347.24
View07940Optical Pickup P.C. Board Assemblyea$78.50
View07959Brake Resistorea$245.00
View12208-AVRectifier (Sold in kit)ea$249.00
View12294Bearings - Package of 10pk$668.90
View12974Knob, Latch Controlea$392.28
View12994Brush Kitea$143.00
View20190300LINE CORD 120V LEGENDea$65.50
View21990Label, Warning, High Voltageea$7.30
View62716MICROSWITCH, SPDTea$35.60
View66665Choke, Filter, 21 MH, ADCea$381.85
View67286Brush Capea$10.74
View67301Transformer, Powerea$390.60
View67304Temperature Meter, RT6000B onlyea$470.84
View67330Rocker Switch, Smooth, Black, 20A, 227 Vacea$31.70
View67372Light Bulbea$8.44
View67380Relay, 24 Vdc, 50/60 Hz 3 PDT, 3/16" Contactsea$170.00
View67699Receptacle, Plug, Three-Prong, 60 Hz, 15A, 250 Vac ORea$14.42
View67827Start Capacitor, 60Hzea$77.60
View67829Fan Bladeea$60.43
View67831Relay, 60Hzea$138.00
View67838Start Capacitor, 50Hzea$76.37
View67839Fan Motor, 50Hzea$328.04
View67840Relay, 50Hzea$93.34
View67866Switch, Push Button, DPDT, 15A, 125/250 Vacea$75.80
View68658Drive Beltea$159.00
View68796Trantorque Keyless Machine Mountea$143.50
View74579KIT AIR SENSOR ASSYea$575.00
View83010Overlay, Switch, RT6000B/Dea$210.00
View83166Shaft Assembly (Long style shaft, 3.75 inches), Latchea$183.80
View83173Expansion Valve, Thermostaticea$1,745.65
View90858Cable, Display or Fault Light P.C. Boardea$48.52
View91603CIRCUIT BREAKER, 2 POLE 8A, 230V, 50HZea$274.60



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.