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Discovery M120 SE - 208V

Parts for Discovery M120 SE - 208V

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View12007920DIFFUSION PUMP OILea$318.56
View12268DIFFUSION PUMP OIL. (Replaced with part number 12007920)ea$371.70
View3058513OIL VAC PUMP MR-100 1Lea$97.50
View45035O ringea$28.43
View45043O ringea$57.20
45208Levelling Base Assy.ea$171.39
View45484Pirani Sensor Headea$1,885.28
View45555Inlet, electricalea$54.19
View45705O ring, Diffusion pumpea$16.00
View45706Circuit Breaker, mainea$755.34
View45707LED Board Assemblyea$217.57
View45712Solenoid, Door Lockea$2,450.76
View45713Sensor, Door Latchea$912.36
View45714SENSOR,RPG IMBAL. RC-M150ea$2,633.00
View45716Sensor, Thermal (Drive Unit)ea$990.00
View45718Disc, Sensor Coverea$58.80
View45721Thermistor Assemblyea$1,125.83
View45722ASSY,DRIVE UNIT RC-M150GXea$6,980.00
View45723Damping rubber, (order PM kit S204365A)ea$90.15
45724Jet, Diffusion pumpea$1,558.92
View45725Heater, Diffusion pumpea$1,865.78
View45726Deck Ass'yea$2,788.40
45727Overlay keyboardea$810.76
View45730LCD interface Printed Circuit Board Assemblyea$1,167.91
45734PC BOARD,DRIVE RC-M150GXea$5,542.94
45745Front Cover Ass'yea$1,594.84
View45752Control PCB Ass'y RC- M120GXea$7,500.00
View45759Rear fan Assemblyea$781.00
View45762Center Fan Assemblyea$706.08
View7086047Cushion Rubberea$28.12
View7810710Fan, Centerea$315.00
View84352101SW Regulatorea$338.00
View84371001LCD MODULE,RC-M150GXea$1,191.51
View84390801LCD Inverterea$352.01
ViewS203814AROTARY VACUUM PUMP,RC-M1506Xea$5,419.10
ViewS204365AKIT, PM, MICRO ULTRA M120/150ea$1,901.00
ViewS204365BKIT, PM, MICRO ULTRA GXea$1,721.00
ViewS300872COil Mist Trap (included in PM kit S204365A)ea$793.80
ViewS303579Pirani sensor headea$759.20
ViewS304463AOil detector (B) ass'yea$1,058.40
S304569BThermal guard (B) ass'yea$559.70
S305488ADiffusion pump Assemblyea$3,584.70
S305612CROM (A) Assyea$300.00
S305613CROM (B) Assyea$300.00
ViewS306499Sensor Cover Aea$1,653.80
ViewS401242VACUUM HOSE, 90mmea$171.31
ViewS408503Sensor Cover Bea$50.40
ViewS408791AOil, Drive Assemblyea$862.00
ViewS410357Vacuum Pump Oil, (order PM kit S204365A)ea$603.00



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.