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Parts for LR6-1B

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View302819H02RELAY, SPST 30A 120V COIL NAISea$56.40
View306062H01HINGE,CHROME PLT(5')-JEWETTea$30.70
View306068H01PROBE, UPPER THERMISTOR HP 200ea$415.00
View306078H01CLIP,SHELF (5')-JEWETTea$6.30
View306096H01GASKET,MAGNETIC 20.250 X 20.25. (Measures 20.25 x 20.25 to center)ea$56.00
View306130H01MONITOR,DIGITAL TEMP POWER115/ea$1,255.00
View306172H01ARM,PEN (7ER)ea$22.30
View306242H01PENS,#20-200 (6) MARK-A-MATICpk$83.70
View306264H01DRIER,LITTLE GIANT (XH-9)ea$9.00
View306293H01MONITOR,HP101-1001 TEMP POWER+ea$1,276.00
View306543G03 SEVAPORATOR ASY, 6/11' REF 115Vea$409.94
View307105H01CANCOIL EVAPORATOR ASY, 120-60ea$462.00
View307465H01CANCOIL FAN MOTOR 120-60-1ea$118.00
View307805H01DIGITAL LCD THERMOMETER (-40cea$46.30
310869H01Dixell XT11S DTD 12VAC NTC PROBE ea$150.00
View310870H01Mouting Adaptr for XT11S (31X64 TO 32X74)ea$6.80
View311696H01FAN BLADEea$20.90
View312598H01Pressure Switch, HM200-24-0005ea$41.20
View312921H03CHART RECORDER, BLUE 7 INCHea$1,154.00
View313209H01CHART PAPER, -10/+60ea$50.40
View314191H01NAMEPLATE, THERMO LARGEea$33.30
View314596H01DIXELL CTRL, XR60CX-0N0C0ea$327.00
View314803H01115V, 60hz, 1/5hp cond. Unit 1ea$531.00
316205H01Recorder Door Hinge Eyeletea$5.66
395921 SDOOR, 5/6' REF/FRZR SOLID S/Sea$295.45
View80080G08 SSENSOR BOTTLE ASY,S/S SERea$51.10
View97714H01KEY, KL802ea$12.30



This site contains the most frequently requested Thermo Scientific Laboratory Equipment replacement parts, including those for a number of discontinued products. If you don't find the part you need, please call us at 1.866.984.3766.
If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.