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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View26136135Biofoil membrane, BB-6060ea$191.00
View26136157Electrolyte, KCL, BB-6060ea$43.50
View26136184O2 electode assy, BB6220ea$1,271.74
26136329Bushing, glass, BB-6060ea$103.25
View26137287Capillary, 0.98x1.02, BBD-6220ea$26.00
View26139262Passthru, glass door, Heracellea$18.40
View26266229BRASS RING 16.1x0.5x4.5 BBDea$22.30
View26266230BOLT BEARING BBD-6220ea$13.61
View50011357Gasket, door, BB6220ea$199.00
View50011380Guide rails, drawer, Heracellea$20.10
50011392Shelf supp.rt/frt,SST, BB6220ea$101.00
50011398Shelf supp.mid/rear,SST BB6220ea$534.00
View50025442bushing, glass door, BB-6060ea$131.26
View50025443Bolt, BB-6060ea$77.72
View50025445Glass door, BB6220ea$591.20
View50025511Door Heater Assy, BB6220ea$764.84
50025521Handle, door, BB6220ea$93.64
50025550Gasket, silicon, BB-6060ea$13.75
View50025603Tompor element, BB-6060ea$116.79
View50025605Shelf, half ,Cu, BB6220ea$140.00
50025608Shelf support,rear,SST,BB-6220ea$105.00
50025625Spagnolet, BB-6060ea$26.00
View50028621RTD, Pt 100, N1=30, BBD-6220ea$162.72
View50028826Thermostat, 70GC with Coverea$27.00
View50028831Sealing element, BBD-6220ea$29.77
50029906Tubing #1, 700mm, BB6220ea$18.09
View50029907Tubing #4, 150mm, BB-6060ea$17.00
View50029909Tubing #7, 900mm, BB6220ea$18.00
View50029911Tubing #4, 200mm, BB-6060ea$11.68
View50029913Tubing #7, 500mm, BB-6060ea$22.00
View50029934Tubing #4, 1500mm, BB6220ea$46.00
View50029935Tubing #3, 1500mm, BB6220ea$29.00
View50029958Air deflector, BB 6220ea$30.00
View50030011ELECTRODE SUPPORT COMPL.ea$281.13
50030074DOOR OUTER BB6220ea$1,767.41
View50031299Tubing, pump, BB-6060ea$20.00
View50031307RESISTOR 3.3K OHM, 10%, 5 WATTea$25.53
View50035383HEATING ELEMENT FOR BB-6220ea$140.00
View50035384HEATING ELEMENT FOR BB-6220ea$140.00
View50041069U.V.RADIATOR 110Vea$3,922.00
View50043507SOLENOID VALVEea$406.00
View50111752Fan, complete, TCDea$209.00



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.

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