Thermo Scientific Barnstead Brand Water Purification Systems

A1016 - Automatic Controls (G2125)

Parts for A1016 - Automatic Controls (G2125)

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View02014GAUGE PR 160# 1/4ea$89.97
View03411Elbow, brass, 3/8 NPT x 90°ea$93.20
View03413L-BR125 0.8 P/Aea$122.36
View03415L-BR125 0.4 X 0.3 P/Aea$62.00
View03430BINIP-CL BR 0.8 P/Dea$28.00
View03435BINIP-BR 0.4X1.5 P/Aea$45.00
View03442NIP-BR 0.4 X 6.0 P/Aea$92.00
View03453NIP-BR 0.8 X 3.0 P/Aea$22.00
View03457NIP-BR 0.8 X 6.0 P/Aea$116.00
View03464NIP-SOL 21263 P/Aea$172.00
03474PLUG BR 1/2 P/Dea$34.00
View03478BISTRAINER BR 3/8 IN P/Aea$301.00
View03484T-BR 0.4 P/Aea$121.00
View03486BIT-BR 0.8 P/Aea$130.00
View03507BIV-MAN GA BR 0.8ea$301.00
View03512BIV-MAN N BR 0.4 P/Aea$145.00
View05074NIPPLE CLOSE BR .3ea$15.30
View21314U-TUBE ASSYea$329.03
View26076BAG ZIPLOCK 5 X 8ea$4.14
ViewPM495X133APLUMBING MAT'L PMX54 P/Aea$214.00
ViewPM495X135APLUMBING MAT'L PMX56 P/Aea$101.00
ViewPM495X137APLUMBING MAT'L PMX58 P/Aea$88.00
PM495X75ACooling Water Inlet Plumbing Assy.ea$2,539.00
ViewPM495X80AValve, Feed Water Solenoidea$539.00
ViewPM495X82AValve, Drain Soleniodea$940.67
PM495X89ADrain Piping Assemblyea$3,777.00
ViewSW2112X1LEV MONITOR CLSS FAC 2112ea$1,478.00
ViewTU495X55ATUBE TU495X55 5/8 OD X 12 P/Aea$128.00
ViewTU495X56ATUBE TU495X56 7/8OD X 20ea$121.00



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.