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Smart2Pure 12 UV

Parts for Smart2Pure 12 UV

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

06.5001Sterile overflow for storage tank 30 - 100 litersea$166.00
View09.1002Replacement UV-lamp UVea$409.00
09.1003Sterile filter capsule, 0.2µm (option)ea$223.00
View09.1020Filter cartridgeea$508.00
View09.2012Pretreatment cartridge consisting of prefilter/hardness stabilizer and RO-membraneea$497.00
View09.5002UV-Disinfection (option)ea$306.00
View14.0218Housing for measuring cell/quiea$88.00
View14.0250TANK DISPENSING TAPea$98.80
View15.0009Check valveea$118.00
View15.0019Check valveea$118.00
View15.0062Solenoid valveea$143.00
View15.0112Cut-off valveea$5.20
View15.0113Pressure hold valveea$104.00
View15.0114Check valveea$89.90
16.0075Flat Ribbon Cable, 10-positionea$5.00
16.0183Clutch Assembly, 4-Pole. (Electrical connector for Float Switch)ea$5.00
16.0219Terminal for 10 position Ribbon Cableea$5.00
View16.0310MiniDIN-Kabel, 6-polig ST/ST,. for 16.0229 Cond. Cellea$5.00
16.0330Sub-D-Buchse, 9-poligea$5.00
View16.0337Control PCBea$306.00
View16.0351Display PCBea$388.00
View17.0166Metal stick in cover plate for display holder (systems with turning knob)ea$5.00
18.0114Pure water tank, 30 litresea$585.00
18.0115Pure water tank, 60 litresea$641.00
View21.5011O-Ring, Permeate Cellea$5.00
View22.0040Quartz Sleeve. Immersion tube made of synthetic Quartzea$507.00
View22.0080Cellpor sound adsorber G 3/8"ea$5.00
View25.0068Dispensing valveea$369.00
View50131758Fuse, Glass tube 5x20mm, 3,15A, slowea$5.20
View50132109pressure hold valve / concentrate valve (Kit)ea$469.90
View50132215Mains Power Supply Cord - 230vea$1,883.77
50132288Replacement cover Barnstead Smart2Pure & Barnstead MicroPureea$219.00
View50132290Display housing front part (grey) incl. sticker section - 3-digitea$78.29
View50132732Key pad foil Barnstead Smart2Pureea$100.00
View50133431Disinfection Bypassea$107.00
View50133979Kit, Fuse Holder and Fuse (5 x 20mm)ea$87.20
View50133982Pressure switchea$74.30
View50133988Valve, Three-Way Dispensingea$520.00
View501339952x Male quick connector - 6mm (incl. Check valve)ea$83.20
View50134011CONNECTOR KIT - 5xConnector 3/4"=>6mmea$125.00
View50134032Turning knob for 3-way dispensing valveea$5.00
View50134033Replacement cover for Interface (Smart2Pure / MicroLab / MicroMed / MicroPure)ea$140.86
View50134036Display holder Barnstead Systems (except GenPure with automatic volume dispensing & GenPure with X-Cad)ea$97.27
50147926PUMP WITH EMI ASSY. (Puricom Pump)ea$531.00
50149262BOOST PUMP, AQUATEC. Use only when replacing an existing Aquatec Pump. For Smart2Pure 12 Series - starting with serial # 42103924 (boost pump only); For GenPure Series - starting with serial # 41999578; Used as boost pump for Smart2Pure Proea$318.00
View50149264RECIRCULATION PUMP, AQUATEC. Only use if replacing an existing Aquatech pump. Used as recirculation pump for the following models: Smart2Pure 3 & 6 Series - starting with serial number 41985019; Smart2Pure 12 Series - starting with serial # 42103924; MicroPure Series - starting with serial # 41999578; All LabTower Series - starting with serial # 4301811000001.ea$324.03
50149597Power Pack 24V PWR SUPea$185.25
View50154381PUMP UPGRADE KIT S2P 12. Used to upgrade UP8000 pumps to Aquatec pumps - Only for serial numbers below: 42103924ea$1,485.00



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.