Thermo Scientific Barnstead Brand Water Purification Systems


Parts for A440118

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View400485FLOWMETER 3506 RPOea$749.00
View400607Boiler Fill Tubes #3 & #4ea$57.17
View400608Boiler Fill Tube #1ea$54.00
View401185Product Delivery Tubeea$205.00
View401416Glass Center, PTFE, 7/16" I.D.ea$28.30
401923Constant Level Chamberea$282.00
View40192490° x 3" Elbowea$255.00
View401925Steam Trapea$1,321.25
View401926CONDENSER GLASSea$1,817.00
View401929Boiler Fill Tube #2ea$95.20
View401934BOILER GLASSea$3,005.00
View409170CLAMP DR LN COUP 3 3506ea$285.00
View410038-DBDRAIN ASSEMBLY GLASSea$306.53
410126Tubing, Hi-Press, 1/4" O.D. x 5' Longea$86.80
View410137High Temp Cut-Off Switchea$94.30
View410138Main Power Breakerea$241.50
View410141#18-A Thomas Clampea$115.00
View410211Constant Level Chamber Springea$7.40
410447Plastic "Hose Fitting" Assortmentea$132.00
View410473R-1 Relayea$273.00
View410528Boiler or Trap Springea$54.40
View410552R-2, 3 Relayea$371.00
View410915ACS Tubeea$270.00
View410916SWITCH 125/250 6/3 SPSTea$89.60
View410917"Off" Switchea$92.10
View410919Condenser Springea$14.10
View410921Boiler Fill Tube Clipea$8.80
View413935Bottle Dust Coverea$48.20
View440093VALVE SOL E ASSY 3506ea$302.00
440378CONTROL BOX ASSY 3514 RPOea$3,105.20
View740883HEATER 240V DIST RPOea$762.00
ViewFZX16Fuse, .5 Ampea$8.00
ViewGSX29O-RING . (O-ring between Boiler & Stopcock on MP3, MP6, MP11 & MP12)ea$3.30



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.