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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View101013O-RING SILICONE 3 ODea$29.60
View103100310 SNSR ADPTR GSKT 1/32ea$11.30
View113002GLIDE W/NUT 5/16-18 X 2ea$11.10
View1140213/8X 1/4 GROMMET SILICONEea$9.30
1900067Incubator filter replacement kit, includes in-chamber HEPA, gas connection inline filter and access port filterskt$114.00
1900180310UNCOTED GSKT(SEE NOTE). Shipped before September 2002ea$289.00
View1900254BLOWR MTR FIELD REPLAC-QIkt$350.00
View19030034 POS. INTERFACE TO DISPea$11.68
View190611STN STL HINGE PINea$22.10
View1906123110 HINGE BLOCK ALUM 2ea$27.20
View190653STACKING KIT INC CIea$12.20
View190664SHELF CHAN.RT/LTea$50.30
View190723MODULAR W/J DUCT SHEETea$321.00
View190782310 INC CO2 CELL ADPTRea$38.80
View190794310 SERIES INC HARNea$76.90
View190795INNER DOOR MAGNET MNTea$23.00
190831BLOWER SCROLL-NO HEPA,310ea$20.00
View190833INNER DOOR LATCH MNT. 310ea$65.50
View190845CABINET HARNESS, 310ea$82.00
View190862MISC HARDWARE BAG, 310ea$116.00
View190868DECON KIT, 310 INC W/HEPAea$261.00
View190869DECON KIT,310 INC W/OHEPAea$190.00
190878COPPER SHELF CHAN. RT/LTea$13.60
View190894REPLACEMENT INNER DR. 310ea$268.00
View190985ACCESS PORT FILTER ASS'Yea$62.60
View191534REPLACEMENT GSKTea$134.00
View224166SHELF-COPPER INCea$214.00
224175INC SHELF-2B BRUSHED BACKea$195.00
View237020Copper Humidity Panea$182.00
View250087CO/2 SOLENOID VALVE KITkt$235.00
View250121SOL.VALVE,3WAY.MP 12VDCea$322.00
View290154RH SENSOR ASSY 1 FTea$1,308.00
View290184SENSOR 2252 OHM@25C.156X2ea$139.00
View360213PRESS SWITCH 11.5PR/9.5PRea$128.00
View360230MAGNETIC SWITCH 3/8"ea$42.40
View400119SWITCHER 40W 12,5,-12 V. (Replaced with part number 400201)ea$331.00
View600034.375 SNAPPER HOSE CLAMPea$12.60
View770001Replacement gas inlet filters, 0.3 micronea$17.20
View8400141/4HOSEX1/4HOSE CONNECTORea$7.80
View8400241/4 HOSE Y CONNECTORea$7.10
View950013VINYL TUBING 1/4 IDft$8.60
View990033310 MOLDED MAG GSKTea$51.60



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.

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