Thermo Scientific Forma Brand Incubators

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View100115WHEEL 4.25OD,.39ID,1.39Hea$83.90
View103102-MAGRY SIL HTBRK GASKET 3/8ft$20.70
View105066GLASS DOOR 370 INC.ea$176.41
View1140213/8X 1/4 GROMMET SILICONEea$9.30
View116109INTERIOR DOOR HINGE-370ea$24.30
View116129HINGE, STN STL 50X76MMea$27.80
View120072ULTRA HIGH TEMP KNOBea$79.90
View129061Rod Spring .420 x 2.5 SSea$10.52
1900063Roller base with locking casters, 3in Hea$643.00
View1900088CAB DOOR HEAT HARN 370 ea$121.00
View1900089GAS GUARD HARN, 370 HT STea$83.18
View1900094HEPA2 VOC Filter Replacement Kit, includes HEPA2, in-line and access port filters 1900094kt$387.00
1900097370/371 ACCESS DOOR ASSYea$10.50
View1900099370 MISC HARDWARE BAGea$73.30
View1900108370 RH SENSOR KIT QIkt$1,052.00
1900144GASKET&DR REPLACEMENT. release 1 through 5ea$1,484.00
1900311370 TOP AIR DUCT ASSEMBLYea$37.20
View1900316370 INC.STACKING ANGLEea$21.40
1900336370 INC IR HOLE CLOSEASSYea$69.30
View1900338INNER DOOR ACTUATOR 370ea$11.20
1900405370 DUCT SUPORT BRKT KITea$90.00
1900425370 VIBRATION REPAIR ASSYea$776.00
1900429370 BLOWER WHEEL ASSEMBLYea$109.00
View1900430370 INT.DUCT W/SPRING RODea$250.00
1900431370 WHEEL PULLER ASSEMBLYea$55.70
View1900434370TAPER MTR & WHEEL ASSYea$312.00
190879Copper Shelf Kit, one shelf and brackets, customer installedkt$203.00
190884Additional single stainless steel shelf (w/ installation channel)kt$182.00
190923STACKING KIT 370 INC CIea$72.00
View191534REPLACEMENT GSKTea$134.00
View191650370 INC.WIRED MICRO BDea$964.00
View19601834 POS. INTERFACE TO DISPea$27.70
View200021/4-20X1/2 SS HH BOLTea$7.90
View2270103PM KITea$320.00
View2270111Inner Door Switch Kit for 370,ea$223.00
View23018012A DPDT CKT BRK/SW,BLKea$84.20
View230231/4 SS FLAT WASHERea$5.90
View5500558-32X1-1/8 TRUSS HD PHLPSea$9.40
View61007518-8 SS 1/4-20 LH NUTea$7.36
View730056SS WASHER .285ID X.407ODea$9.30
View730057BYRL CPR WAVE WASHER .288ea$9.30
730077TEFLON WASHER.250ID X.815ea$7.36
View760199HEPA2 VOC Filtration System (kit), converts HEPA Filter Airflow System to HEPA2 Filtration System, includes HEPA2 filter and two silicone plugs 760199kt$366.00
View760209Spare HEPA filter value pack (4 pcs)kt$242.00
View900135TUBEAXIAL FAN,30 CFM,115Vea$109.00
View965010CO2 gas regulatorea$463.00



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.

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