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Parts for LR445A23

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View28109G03 SBattery 12V/1.2 Ahea$101.00
29336G11 SEvaporator Assembly 115vea$930.00
View300367H01ACCUMULATOR -30'(HLT30V-4BBSA1ea$31.20
View302182G01Condensate Evap Asy. 115vea$164.00
View302268G01H03 Power Supply Board w/fuses 115vea$372.00
View302543H01Filter Drier. (Replaced with 325156H01)ea$24.80
View302819H02RELAY, SPST 30A 120V COIL NAISea$56.40
View303308H02Fuse, SLO-BLO 30A 3AB 250V ea$9.90
View304864G30Control Board w/E-Promea$923.00
View305101H01Pilaster, Right & Leftea$48.80
View305371H01Caster, 2" Dia, with Brakeea$39.20
View306631H01FAN BLADE FOR VA70A COILea$7.40
View306637H01FAN MOTOR 115-60-1ea$60.40
View309111H016 Pin RJ45 Harness - Displayea$43.20
View309112H0210 Pin RJ45 Harness - Displayea$52.70
View309327H02Fuse, SLO BLO, 500mA, 5 X 20mm ea$9.80
View312096H05Defrost Sensor 45' (white)ea$181.00
View312598H01Pressure Switch, HM200-24-0005ea$41.20
View312921H01Chart Recorder, 6"ea$1,147.00
View314191H01NAMEPLATE, THERMO LARGEea$33.30
View314720H01Overlay with 3 buttons, with light switchea$58.60
View314722H01Bezel, Display Blueea$22.00
View314722H02Bezel, Display Grayea$22.30
View314744H01Top 5 LED assemblyea$275.00
View314751H01Panel, Top LED mountingea$92.20
View314751H02Panel, Top LED mounting s/sea$92.20
View314779H01GRILLE LATCH, MAGNETIC LATCH, 500 - 700ea$11.70
View314783H01LED Power Supply with harness, universal voltageea$178.00
View314800H01115V, 60hz, 1/3hp cond. Unit,ea$623.00
View314838H01Front Panel Light Switch with harnessea$129.47
314865H01Pilaster, Centerea$88.00
314872H01Harness, DC extension 11.5'ea$69.40
314873H01Harness, LED 45' "Y" connectionea$35.20
View314896G11FRNT PNL LH 45' BLANK LED BLUEea$124.00
View314896G21FRNT PNL LH 45' BLANK LED GRAYea$124.00
314896G31FRNT PNL LH 45' BLNK JEWETT BLea$124.00
314898G11FRONT PANEL R.H W/REC LED BLUEea$235.31
View314898G12FRNT PNL RH 45' CNTRL LED BLUEea$475.00
View314898G21FRONT PANEL R.H W/REC LED GRAYea$224.00
314898G22FRNT PNL RH 45' CNTRL LED GRAYea$459.00
314898G31FRONT PANEL R.H W/REC JEWETTea$224.00
314898G32FRNT PNL RH 45' CNTRL JEWETTea$459.00
View314934H01Rear Guard, 45'ea$87.00
View316629H01Breaker Retainer - sidesea$16.10
322164H01TORPEDO & 14 SPRING ASSYea$84.90
322166H01Slider Wheel w/Housing Assyea$11.40
322167H01LOCK & KEEPER KITea$63.20
322168H01HOLD OPEN ASSY KITea$16.60
322169H01LEFT DOOR SASH ASSYea$443.00
322170H01RIGHT DOOR SASH ASSYea$468.00
322171H01DOOR FRAME ASSYea$711.00
322875H01FAN BLADE 200ea$58.00
322877H01MOTOR,9W,115V/60 HZea$195.00
View38119H01Port 2" Chromo (longer of 2 pieces)ea$38.60
View38120H01Port 2" Chromo (shorter of 2 pieces)ea$25.80
View395172 SLeveling Legs (set of 4)ea$48.40
41678H67CAPACITOR,START 378-454 MFDea$46.80
View430263POWER CORD, 115 volt/20ampea$77.60
View48923H01Cover, Single Outlet (Chromo port)ea$20.50
View49060H01Caster, 2" Dia, with out Brakeea$40.60
View60523H01SUPPORT,SHELF CLIP KBea$8.10
View60595H11Evaporator 115vea$799.00
View80080G08 SSENSOR BOTTLE ASY,S/S SERea$51.10
View85089G10Recorder Sensorea$308.00
View90520H11Chart Paper, 6" Refrig (box of 52)box$96.80
View97713H01Key A126ea$22.20
View98404H01KEY FOR GLASS DOOR LOCKea$17.90
98807H01Fan Motor Bracket-TL12Bea$24.35



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.