Isotemp Brand Centrifuges

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Exploded Parts List

AccuSpin Micro 17R - 120V 60Hz

Parts for AccuSpin Micro 17R - 120V 60Hz

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View20056625Window lowerea$50.60
View20056732Window upperea$10.90
View20057553Tool holder Werkzeughalterea$12.68
View20058114 Gasket Kesseldichtungea$189.00
View20058116Insulation doorea$226.63
View20058129Bushing Federbuchseea$5.31
View20058249Motor coverea$232.00
View20058254 Air grill Filterkassetteea$57.30
View20058257Spring 3,5 mm Deckelfeder 3,5 mmea$50.00
View20058298Door cover Sorvallea$117.97
View20150244PCB DISPLAYea$246.00
View20190322Power cord US 10Aea$73.50
View20210420Fan 24V DCea$210.00
View20230189FUSE 6.25 AMP SLOW BLOWea$9.80
20240597Compressor R134a 120Vea$823.00
View20240640Expansion valveTLK0,3 MOPea$369.60
View20350211 Collar Gleitlagerbuchse 8x10x5ea$8.10
View20360104Screw driver 5 mmea$23.80
20420167 Nut Sperrzahn Mutterea$5.38
20510303Screw M6 x 10 Linsen-Flanschschraube M6 x 10ea$6.20
View50085473TEMP.SENSOR PT1000ea$286.70
View50085475Display and Keyfoil – cable Anzeige and Folien - Kabelea$104.00
50105180Overpressure switch 21/14 NCea$31.10
70060668Chamber consoleea$318.73
70060669Motor consoleea$94.27
View70060671Metal sheet doorea$414.96
View70060672 Axis Deckelachseea$32.11
View70060700 Nut Deckelmutterea$22.60
View70902023Service Kit (AV-mounts)ea$253.00
View70902030Pico/Fresco Motor Kitea$900.00
View70902730Wiring tacho PCBea$63.80
View70902733Wiring compressorea$63.64
View70904619Evaporator assyea$1,308.98
70904626NV-RAM 17R 120V/100Vea$92.10



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.