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Wellwash 4 MK2

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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 800-438-4851 to place your order.

View004/052L2WASHER TRACK ASSY-WW4MK2ea$1,690.37
View004/055CTrack Plate Assemblyea$186.69
View004/056AL1Headlift motor assembly, 230Vea$429.26
View004/056BL1Headlift motor assembly, 115Vea$400.05
View004/060L2MANIFOLD ASSEMBLYea$212.09
View004/067APump Sub Assy 240Vea$1,532.89
View004/071L1Sliding profile assemblyea$166.37
View004/075AL1Transformer, 230Vea$363.22
View004/077END CAP ASSY - R/HANDea$176.53
View004/078END CAP ASSY - L/HANDea$172.00
View004/084L2Carriage Assemblyea$187.96
004/087L1Main switch, maleea$40.64
004/108EHEAD ARM GREEN, WW4MK2ea$160.00
View004/319DECLOGGING TOOLea$13.30
View004/644A12-WAY MEMBRANE SWITCHea$104.00
View006/052AL1"Pump unit assembly, 230V"ea$3,506.47
View006/052AL2PUMP UNIT ASSY 220-240Vea$3,506.47
View006/053AL1"Control assembly, 230V"ea$3,388.36
View006/060PUMP CONTRL PCB ASSY MKIIea$450.85
View006/076AL1Track motor assembly, 230Vea$577.85
View006/076BL1TRACK MOTOR ASSEMBLY, 115Vea$604.52
View1204460Vacuum Switchea$283.21
View1210920FUSE 2A UL/CSAea$16.00
View1514314PUMP CNTRL PCB2 W LS, WW4MK2ea$101.60
View1514319FULL BOTTLE SENSOR CABLE, WW 4ea$119.00
ViewAM50-019Silicone tube 5.5 x 2.5m$19.50
ViewN03874Control PCB 115V WW4MK2ea$1,523.00
ViewSP-00099WW4MK2,PM KITea$169.00
ViewWW004/23TUBING PACK FOR WW4/MK2ea$129.00
ViewWW004/314 .5L BOTTLE CONVERSION KITea$258.00
ViewWW004/324.5 L BOTTLE CONVERSION KIT Aea$246.00
WW006/12L28-way Prog card (1/4 wash)ea$82.90
WW006/2L212 Way Prog Cardea$82.50



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If this order is for an out of service unit, please call Service Support at 1-800-438-4851 to place your order.

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